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Loxarel and wine tourism

The limits of the Penedès Denomination of Origin are for Loxarel a guarantee of the expression of the characteristics of our wines. Located in the estate of Can Mayol, our cellar conserves the old anti air-raid refuge constructed by the republican army underneath the aerodrome of Vilobídel Penedès during the Spanish civil war. This refuge became the base of the current Loxarel cellar and is one of the most emblematic areas of our estate and where we rest our most prized sparkling wines.

Its historical important is reflected in the edition of historical points of interest in the Spaces of Memory that the Democractic Memorial marked in the Penedès in the year 2000. In the entrance of one of the refuges - currently not in use - you can see a historical explanation together with photographs of the planes and the soldiers operating there, including old maps, supposedly of the construction for the republican army. Once the war was over, the predecessors of the Mitjans family decided to save the construction from demolition. After many years, Josep Mitjans used this space to rest his first 1000 bottles of sparkling wine, the seeds of the company as it is today.

Currently, the anti air-raid refuge is the place where the best sparkling wines are laid to rest

The grape used by Loxarel for our wines comes from the Can Mayol estate and the estates of the Mitjans Nin family in the area of Pla de Manlleu, the highest point of the Penedès Denomination of Origin. Grapes grown on high ground give the characteristics that seep from some of the wines in our cellar.

Conscious of the increasing demand for visits and activities related to the world of wine in Catalonia and the potential that the Penedès has as a wine tourism destination, at Loxarel, we have opened the doors of our cellar and the anti air-raid refuge on appointed days. The Mitjans Nin family welcomes all visitors and encourages them to participate in our particular philosophy and our method of elaborating quality wines with an original seal.

Apart from walking in the vineyards where the grapes are grown and seeing at close quarters the elaboration process of the wines from the vine to the bottle, you can enter our old anti air-raid refuge and listen to the silent rest of the best sparkling bottles of our collection.

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